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Doctorate in Kinesiology


Meet Your Career Goals in the Sports Industry with CSP Global

CSP Global is your partner in career development. Earn your Master’s in Sport Management to reach new heights and higher-paying roles in the sports industry.

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Program Overview

The Master of Arts in Sport Management program focuses on the concepts of management, strategy, marketing, and law related to sport management.

The degree program prepares graduates to understand the growing sport management industry. Students will learn through practical application of coursework, effective decision-making, leadership, and resource management. Students will also examine concepts of management, strategic planning, marketing, and risk managment.

New Skills Means New Advantages

A master's in sport management from CSP Global offers an in-depth understanding of the sports industry, fostering advanced skills in strategic thinking, leadership, and specialized areas like marketing and analytics.

The program enhances research, analytical skills, communication abilities, and practical experience. This comprehensive skill set, combined with valuable networking opportunities, positions graduates for higher-level roles, and greater strategic impact in the sports industry.

In the master’s program, you will dive deeper into sport management topic areas in courses like Human Resource Management (KHS 510), Sport Finance (KHS 520) and will complete a Capstone course (KHS 565). The Capstone course will challenge you to synthesize the learning you’ve done throughout the program to showcase the practical application of the knowledge gained.

Why Getting a Master’s in Sport Management Pays Off

Pursuing a master's in sport management can be a beneficial career move for several reasons:

1. Industry Specialization: This degree provides specialized knowledge about the sports industry, which is unique in its business and operational practices. It offers an in-depth understanding of sports marketing, finance, facility management, and event management, making you more adept at handling specific sports-related business scenarios.

2. Career Advancement: A master’s degree often leads to better career opportunities and can be a requirement for higher-level positions. It can open doors to senior roles in sports organizations, such as management positions, that may not be accessible with only a bachelor's degree.

3. Networking Opportunities: You'll connect with peers, alumni, and instructors who are industry professionals. This network can be invaluable for finding job opportunities and navigating the sports industry.

4. Skill Development: Apart from industry-specific knowledge, you'll also develop critical skills such as leadership, communication, and strategic thinking. These skills are essential in the sports industry, where decisions often have to be made quickly and under public scrutiny.

5. Passion and Profession Alignment: For those passionate about sports, this degree allows you to combine your love for sports with a professional career. It offers the chance to work in an industry that you are truly enthusiastic about, which can lead to a more fulfilling career experience.

6. Transferable Skills: At its core, a Master's in Sport Management is a business degree. You will learn fundamental business skills that apply to any industry. These transferable skills will serve you well in your future career, whether you stay in the sports industry or not.

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Deadline to Apply

April 22, 2024

Start Date

May 6, 2024

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Program Outcomes

• Demonstrate the ability to apply, analyze, and evaluate essential sport management principles associated with sport marketing, finance, and facility and event management.

• Evaluate current sport management trends and analyze their relevance and implications on sport management professionals.

• Demonstrate leadership and managerial competencies necessary for effective sport management practice.

• Synthesize theoretical and research concepts from multiple perspectives to inform inquiry and practice.

• Formulate creative responses to complex issues through critical analysis.

• Model ethical and professional behaviors to guide inquiry and practice in a global and
diverse society.


Sport Management Core Curriculum
KHS 515 Management and Leadership
KHS 510 Human Resource Management
KHS 535 Sport Marketing
KHS 610 Research Methods
KHS 533 Sport Media and Technology
KHS 525 Facility and Event Management in Sport
KHS 540 Legal Aspects of Sport
KHS 520 Sport Finance
KHS 550 Sport Sales and Fundraising
KHS 570 Ethics and Sociology in Sport and Exercise Science
KHS 620 Master's Capstone


The Right Route: CSP Global’s Master’s in Sport Management Track

Asynchronous Learning
Asynchronous learning allows you to take classes at your own pace and learn the materials you need to succeed. With CSP Global, you can gain the skills you need to open the doors to a diverse range of higher-paying careers in sport management.
Online Format
CSP Global’s Master’s in Sport Management can be completed 100% online. This allows you to study from wherever you are! Get a quality education without the hassle of going to campus for classes.

Completion in Under 2 Years
Students can complete the 33-credit hour degree program in as little as 18 months.
Christian Education
Students will receive an education guided by Christian principles that empowers them to discover and engage their purpose for life, career, and service

What Salary Can You Make with a Master’s in Sport Management?

Holding a master's in sport management may open doors to various high-level positions within the sports industry. While income can vary based on factors like location, experience and the specific organization, here are a few job titles and their approximate average annual incomes:

• Sports Marketing Manager: $77,407 - $103,265 per year*

• Athletic Director: $99,163 - $172,570 per year**

• Sports Event Coordinator/Manager: $71,000 - $119,000 per year***

• Sports Agent: $82,530 - $161,340 per year****

• Facility Manager: $67,974 - $87,583 per year*****


Admission Requirements

To apply for the master’s in sports management online from CSP Global you’ll need:

• A completed online application.
• Submit official transcripts from a regionally accredited institution stating the conferral of bachelor’s degree or higher with a minimum cumulative GPA of 3.0 based on a 4.0 system.
• Access to a computer that meets CSP Global’s technology requirements.


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